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Teatr Bretoncaffe

Multimedia performance created by Teatr Bretoncaffe and inspired by the operatic theatre genre. The eclectic flamboyance of a typical opera is being reduced to a minimal form comprising music, singing, text, theatre and video installation.

Opera is still a vibrant tradition in many places around the world. In Poland there is a certain, ever-increasing snobbery for opera, yet the range of it is difficult to measure. Opera itself is an ambiguous thing: as a genre it tries to achieve the strongest, the fullest expression, yet because of that it constantly dances on the verge of kitsch. The sheer power of music and human voice often clashes with low quality of performance and acting, with empty exaggeration, with artificial gestures. Beauty collides with sleaze. It is interesting that this border goes parallel to the "great" social and spiritual ideas, twisted and mutilated by reality. It is also a good illustration of our times, which try to sublime banality.

"Toffee opera" is also a satire on contemporary media creating their own kind of culture - one that constantly drifts away from the sources of human spirit. "Toffee opera" is a vision of the world that has become "a copy without the original", or even "a copy of the copy".

Last, but not least, "Toffee opera" is a surreal pastiche of an opera, especially of its melodramatic kind. It is a joke on conventional emotionality, and at the same time it is a play with the form.

Libretto / libretto    Sławomir Krawczyński

Reżyseria / directed by

Muzyka / music

¦piew / singing      Dominik Strycharski

Orkiestra / orchestra

DJ Cues: Sampler, Laptop

Jakub Rutkowski: Elektroniczna Perkusja, Keyboard /electronic percussion, keyboard

Aleksander Papierz: elektryczne saksofony, Keyboard / electric saxophones, keyboard

Dominik Strycharski: flety proste, ¶piew / pipes, singing

Video / video  Lech Rowiński

Montaż komputerowy /computer editing

Animacja / animation

Produkcja / production        Stowarzyszenie Scena 96, Stowarzyszenie Zmiana Społeczna

Współpraca  / co-operation  Bytomskie Centrum Kultury ( the Cultural Centre in Bytom)