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"THE MANIFESTO  OF  A  LIZARD" Bretoncaffe  and Factory Theatre 
Artistic director: S. Krawczynski telephone:  0  880 772  355
Information about  the  spectacle:  multimedia  spectacle.  A  surrealistic  fairy  tale,  a  philosophical  tale  about search for the truth, and at  the same  time a modern spectacle  designed for a  woman dancer,  a percussionist  and a vocalist. 
"The  manifesto of a lizard" is a  perverse question about the scientific myth  of our  times. What is its meaning for our perception of the world? How it affects  our feeling  of sense and freedom? "The manifesto of   a  lizard" is in fact  the  manifesto  of imagination  and dream in the world suppressed  by  the  scientific schemes. It is also an artistic manifesto: the spectacle exceeds the  conventional definitions. Using pastiche, it goes further, asking about  pa- stiche, questioning it and bringing the mystery into light. It is composed of  theatre,  dance,  musical  concert  and  a  video installation.  The borders  of  the  particular  genres  are  blurred;  the  language  of  the  utterance can  be  defined as permanent confrontation of separate worlds, which create their  own  form beyond any genre. However, the  final  formula of the  spectac- le  is  not uncovered. The three  performers,  set in  a minimal  stage  arran- gement, create  the world  of  fantasy and,  at the same  time,  the message  full of irony  and  self-irony. None  of  the  elements  is  dominating:  absurd  is  clashed with mystery  and a rock performance becomes a phantasma- goria  and  a puzzle.  "Manifesto  of  a  lizard"  premiere:  15th  November  2007 time of the spectacle (without a break): 45 minutes author: Slawomir  Krawczynski  directed  by:  Slawomir  Krawczynski  perform:  Anita  Wach,  Dominik Strycharski,  Jakub  Rutkowski  music:  Dominik  Strycharski, Jakub  Rutkowski choreography: Anita Wach stage arrangement: Lech Rowinski