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Cie Efrat Stempler :"1,2,3, Sauerfish"

Six people and a bomb in a locked room. Countdown has already started. Where is the attack from? From the sky? From the underground? Who is able to stop it? Who is guilty? Who has started? Permanent change of the roles dictates the events. The race with time has started. The marathon for life. Intimacy in an extreme situation, solidarity in a strange configuration. I such times where the bombs have learnt to walk or they are human bodies the perception of people around us has changed. The group has been fighting for survival. Living in the state of permanent threat has become an absurd. Efrat Stempler - a woman choreogra­pher from Israel has lived and worked in Berlin for six years. In the spectacle live music - composition and execution - Philipp Danzeisen.
A production of: Tanzhaus Leipzig & Efrat Stempler in Coproduction with LOFFT.Leipzig, with special support of the Pumpwerks. Fun­ded by: Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Stadt Leipzig und Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN, Y.T.S. Systems Ltd., European Cultural Foundation (STEP beyond). Presented by: AVIVA-BERLIN.de - On­line-Magazin for women and BOUM-Magazin. CONCEPT and REALISATION: Efrat Stempler | CHOREOGRAPHY: Efrat Stempler and the dancers. DRAMATURGIE: Wojtek Klemm | COMPOSITION+LIVE MUSIK: Philipp Danzeisen. VIDEO: Konstantin Hapke STA­GE: Efrat Stempler WITH: Miona Petrovic, Brit Rodemund, Alexan­der Sieber, Anat Vaadia, Nicky Vanoppen and Philpp Danzeisen