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Teatr Cinema came into being in 1992. >>>

It consists of professional actors, painters and musicians. The group directed by Zbigniew Szumski realizes the author's spectacles in Michalowice.
So far the following performances were presented:
"Dong", "Billiards", "I do not speak of  love here", "Dirty beauty", "Yes.This.Here", "I had this dream", "Albert Lux", "The Dictionary of Situations", "Mum, I want to dance Mahler", "Fragments of dance.Fragments of love." and five evenings from the cycle "The Cabaret of Giants".

Cinema  is a remarkable theatre - not high drama, nor pantomime; not dance show, nor musical. Yet at the same time it has something of all these theatrical forms  - and several more besides.  It is a theatrical form in its own right. It exploits a unique collection of forms of expression, from - if these are polar opposites - tragedy to cabaret, rhapsody to musical, no theatre to acrobatics. From tears to laughter - laughter through tears.

So here are my first thoughts on this theatre:
a concern for the secrets that exist within events that seem to have no secrets.  Persistent pursuit of the essence of action, especially of everyday routine activity.  An appreciation of its beauty, its riches.  The recesses of our shared imagination - the corners where nobody, it seems, has looked before.  The joy of movement, transformed into a precise means of expression.  The last tangent of  mind and gesture. Removal of the distance between the ascetism of immobility and the orgy of action, which changes imperceptibly into immobility.  All in a wild but masterfully controlled procession of scenes, images, explosion and self-restraint.

Jerzy Lukosz