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Satirical Song's Theatre "Czyści jak łza" ( pure as the driven snow)

Marek Markiewicz - actor, script-writer fistfighter, flutes, singing.
Jaromir Wroniszewski - actor, compositions, guitar, singing.
Mateusz Iwaszczyszyn - mostly bass.
Wiesław Machiński - allusionist

Zbigniew Ostrowski - accordionist recidivist.
Adaś Pancer -  percussionist

It is self evident what they like doing on the stage.
Laureates of Paka Festival. The winners of two " Charlie's Bowler Hats" at the Festival of Good Humor in Gdańsk. Happy owners of a statuette devoted to "People of Good Will" for their services to fellowmen. Comedians of the Polish Radio Olsztyn.