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The Nomads of Culture
Jacek Hałas - singing, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, Jewish harp, running dances
Alicja Hałas - folk drum, gordon (bus drum)

Austere acoustic sound seasoned with a pinch of melancholy and longing for the old times. Music to listen to, to dance to and to taste.
Journeys through time and space, following the tracks of folk musicians - Poles, Jews and Gypsies - from Polish villages to Bukovina, the Balkans and sometimes even to the overseas countries.
Dance experience - from dances in a dance barn to meetings with professional dancers - has helped them create their own style of running dance events and workshops.
In their work they depend, most of all, on live music, processional dances and teaching dance steps "live" during the party.
These most archaic dance forms are based on simple repeatable sequences of steps and gradually increasing dynamics. Being ornamented with beautiful melodies, they very quickly create a sense of community in a group of people who have not know one another before.
A Yurt (Mongolian style round tent) - a movable folk dance hall which we can erect within an hour in any place in Europe and where they can create a magic place of the meeting with tradition.