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PULSARUS Futurejazz Trio

PULSARUS The group run by the flutist Dominik Strycharski combines different jazz styles and psychedelic rock; they add a bit of ethnic ele­ments and some contemporary electronics. Their second record, simi­larly to the début, is based on the same language but the proportions and stress are arranged differently. Aleksander Papierz, who seems to be more routed in jazz, exchanged Piotr Rachoń at the keyboards. Most of the compositions are based on rhythm of the percussion, which combines jazz and rock style with break-beat electronics on the one hand and themes and improvisations on the other hand. But still, there are many forms and means of expression - from elements taken from the club scene to specific paraphrase of radical rock or rather metal ("Vulgaris"). Execution of the leader, who shows a wide range of possibilities playing the electronic flutes, decides about the colour of the album. Strycharski can obtain psychedelic whistle, hyp­notic whizz, sinister, rough sounds or even caustic distorted noise. He can imitate both the folk pipes and the transformed guitar. Electronic sounds, modified vocal effects, often with the echo, ambient spots (supervision of the producer Piotr Pawlak can be noticed) can be associated with some of Laswell's works or groups of his circle like for example Charged. It seems that the musicians of Pulsarus had a similar idea - to create an open, multi-style formula for futuri­stic free improvisation. In many fragments the effect is intriguing but sometimes it is only showy; if we add Strycharski's exuberant experimenting aspirations, he is not able to control sufficiently, the result can easily be a mumble. To say it briefly - too little content,, too much "sculpture". More condensed material would do better. But Papierz increases the temperature and intensity. His performan­ce often makes the music lofty, lively and impetus. Without hiding behind electronics, avoiding empty explorations of sounds, he gives the show of first-rate, enchanting expression - compact, sharp but lucid, sometimes close to music of Ellery Eskelin (even though we mostly hear alto, hardly ever soprano) or Zorn. Participation of the guest Tomek Gwinciński, playing the guitar in "Suite per Capita", is also brilliant - spacious, vibrating, dreamy but at the same time predatory, whimsical phrases build up a bit dreamy or unreal mood. Generally speaking, it is more interesting record than the début one. The musicians of Pulsarus have the potential and their own language ary 2004. Pulsarus create individual conception of futuristic but also lively jazz group. The group is the consequence of Dominik Stry1995 - 2003. The first, début record "Digital Freejazz" , released by Tone Industria enterprise in May 2005. It gained recognition and generated very diverse reception. In 2005 the group performed at Mazzola Art Rhythmic Depot in Gdańsk, it appeared at Warsaw Summer Days (2005 and 2006), at JAZ Festival in Zabrze and also at Slot Art Festival. They played at jazz clubs too: Rura in Wrocław, others. The second record "Squared Rotoscope" was also published by Tone Industria. It is in a way development of the group's style referring to new achievements of electronics and sampling. It is applied live to the instrumental music. New sound, more selective and based on many levels; it outlines relationships between the element of improvisation and the structure following the specific rules. Pulsarus Trio have been performing since August 2005 in th efollowing composition: Dominik Strycharski: electronic recorders, vocalist, electro- let us hope they will polish up their conceptions. Dominik Strychar­ski - electronic recorders Aleksander Papierz - saxophones Jakub Rutkowski - percussion The guest: Tomasz Gwinciński - guitars The group first appeared for a while in the summer of 2003, initiating its existence by releasing a record in Plawnowice and giving a concert in Alchemia (Alchemy), Cracow. As a trio they came back in Janu­­charski's earlier projects presented in the Silesia Region in the years Hipnoza in Katowice, Aurora in Warsaw, Wi¶niowy Sad and many ­­­nics, the leader; Jakub Rutkowski: acoustic and electronic drums; Aleksander Papierz: saxophones. That original composition suggest ted club beats, free jazz improvisations and hard riffs. The sound of the group oscilates between acoustic austerity, electronic manipulation of tribal motive force and dynamics with conceptual clarity and structure. Different kinds of music are used in order to obtain the final effect, not to play with conventions only. Things happen on the surface and in the background, on the border of hearing, where the listener should get. The sound and energy, exceeding the archetype cal performance. Dominik Strycharski: flutist, vocalist, composer. His first group was an avant-garde band Nimptsz, performing twice at Fryta Festival of Improvised Music at Gugalandr, Katowice, and also on TV Katowice. Co-author of jazz groups Zoo and Do which performed in the Silesia Region (JAZ Festival, before J.L. Capozzo; Festival in Zabrze, before T. Tymański's Band). He is also the co-author of an audio-visual group RH+, the winner of the first prize at the festival "Zdarzenia" in Tczew. At the moment he is working with jazz and futuristic orientation. The music of the group is rather close experimental rock, theatrical music, contemporary music and noise. Pulsarus is definitely a contemporary conception; crazy, expressing the character of our times. The superior aspect of the band is their openness to every manifestation of music. So, we can find in their repertoire polystylistic arrangements, new jazz themes, deconstruction and space. The rhythm is also essential for Pulsarus, reconciliaof classical jazz or electronic trio, make space and specific theatriased by Tone Industria. They performed twice at Warsaw Summer to free experiments, groove jazz, new electronics. It also concerns his own trio Pulsarus. Their first record "Digital Freejazz" was released by Tone Industria. They performed twice at Warsaw Summer drummer,composer, playing the acoustic and elecrtonic percussion. He has been connected with Polish rock and jazz scene. He has released several albums with different artists. The most important was he played for many years with Maciek Maleńczuk's group Pudelsi and with Homo Twist . He co-operated and performed with Maciek Maleńczuk in the spectacle "Cantigas y Santa Maria". He also participated in creating music for the Dramatic Theatre in Legnica (1996 - 2000) and the Kalambur Theatre in Wrocław 1996 - 1999). Also film "Strong Man". Aleksander Papierz: saxophonist. He graduated from K.Szymanowski's Secondary Musical School in Katowice. He created, together with Marcin Leskont, "Djazz Archestra", the group combining elements of ethnic funk, free jazz and widely understood electronic music. In 2004 he became the co-author of "JazzDa Trio". He was invited to Avatar group. He co-operated with the musician from Tuwa - Gendos. He was a co-organizer and one of the performers of the concerts in the RENTGEN club in Katowice. Pulsarus "Squared Rotoscope" The new record of Pulsarus is a continuation the conception of an acoustic and electronic trio. This time it is composed of electronic recorders, saxophones, acoustic and electronic previous record; it is mostly composed of jazz, rock and electronics. The musicians try to create their own, consequent synthesis by combining tribal austerity and brutality with conceptual playing and space. Using that intended dichotomy they intertwine their music can hear the guest Tomasz Gwinciński, a recognized guitarist, the man responsible for Maestro Trytony, a drummer of Łoskot and coauthor of Czan and other projects. He is also a composer of music to almost thirty spectacles. His participation is both inspiring and determining continuation of the paths of all the musicians of Pulsarus.