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Stanisław Radwan

Stanisław Radwan born: 10th March 1939, Bieńkówka near Maków Podhalański Graduated of State College of Music in Cracow (1966). Studied the piano at Prof. Ludwik Stefański and composition at Prof. Krzysztof Penderecki. In 1967 he had practice concerning electronic music at Pierre Schaeffer in Paris. Despite an outstanding gift for composition (Passacaglia, The Wall of Tears, string quartets, preludes for the orchestra) he did not devote himself to classical music. Before he started his musical studies he had been connected with Piwnica pod Baranami (1960). He co-operated with them to 1975, creating musical programmes and writing music to the lyrics. His true passion became theatrical music. As a student (1963 - 1966) he worked as a musical manager of Teatr Rozmaitości in Cracow. In the years 1974 - 1976 he had the same post at Teatr Ateneum in Warsaw. He has been composing for many theatres in Poland and abroad since the beginning of his career. He cooperates with the most prominent Polish directors: Konrad Swinarski, Zygmunt Hüb­ner, Lidia Zamkow, Jerzy Grzegorzewski, Jerzy Jarodzki, Andrzej Wajda, Krystian Lupa, Tadeusz Bradecki, Krzysztof Babicki, creating music for diverse theatrical literature. Radwan build his own style. Typical feature of it is an ideal setting of the sound into the structures of the performance. As one of the first he introduced noises, rustles and silence treated as the mean of expression. He has composed over 200 pieces for the theatre. His compositions often inspired staging solutions. In 1977 he got a post of a musical consultant at Teatr Stary. In 1980 - 1990 he was the director-in-chief of that theatre.